Defining the Proverbial CUP

Is a glass half full or half empty?

Had some interesting discussions that shed more light on this riddle.

Comment 1: “A Cup Half Full IS a Cup Half Empty” aka “Both!”

Both views (“realities”) are true.  And rightly so!

Half Full or Half Empty?

Comment 2: “I See Our Daily Blessings.  Yet I Fear the World’s Problems are Immense”

Again, there are two sides to a coin.  From another angle, it also seems to highlight an additional complication: the existence of many measurements – societal and world “cups” as well individual cups.

Apparently, different cups exists for different people, for the same people at different times, and even for the same people at the same time.

glassware-781766_1920 - 1

Defining the Proverbial CUP

How should we proceed then, regarding Gratitude and Positivity?  Should we celebrate one quarter full, over three quarters empty? Or should we mourn three quarters, over one quarter?  Which cup should we look at?  Mixed feelings?  Confused?  Detached?  Inert?

The Proposition.  To avoid stumbling into the quagmire of infinitely varied cups, it may be imperative instead to define a CUP of relative “permanence”, significance, and possibly even universality.  We may want to envision a CUP of our basic needs : food, water, shelter etc (rather than wants).  Most of us will then have a nearly, if not full proverbial CUP.  We are able to meet our needs, and still grow. 

Reasonable Positivity. There is then reasonable cause to be predominantly grateful and happy.  Similarly, we are less likely to be entrapped by the lure of infinite wants,  a collectively unattainable project.  


Technology Today Can Meet Everyone’s Needs and Make Things Better!

With today’s level of technology, everybody’s CUPs can be brimmed.  There can be less fear, less greed, fewer conflicts, fewer wars.  

The  Bonus.  With gratitude for what we have and our given abilities, we can improve ourselves / work to give back to the world and society, a bonus.

Collective Causes.  Excess resource will also flow naturally to important collective causes.  E.g. climate protection, helping out the poor, helping the refugees, high quality universal healthcare and education, etc.   The better world we seek…

This is the thought.

Thank you for reading and/or sharing your views!

 Image credits: D. Sharon Pruitt, Dave Dugdale, aKS-phOtOs, jill111