Appreciation and Nurture

Many appreciate only after loss.  But perhaps it is instead that we frequently lose, that which we did not appreciate.  

The Part 2 of “The How To’s of Daily Gratitude” clarifies another common Gratitude misconception.

Misconception 4. Gratitude and contentment means we do not work for improvements, and are deaf to problems.

Actual:   The inverse is more the norm.


Learning about Our Blessings

Interest.  True Gratitude means appreciation and interest for how things work.  Deeply grateful people are frequently more aware and alert to issues, simply because they do not take daily blessings for granted.  They know that hard work, sacrifice and even “chance” was required for the daily.

Deep gratitude knows how precious the beautiful are, asks who or what made it happen, how did it happen, how can giving back be done, and if sharing and longevity can be encouraged?

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Nurturing and Protecting Green Shoots

Nurture and Protect.  Where possible, deeply grateful people take reasonable (not excessive) steps to nurture and protect blessings.  They leave less to chance, but do not overdo in detriment of other loves.  Deeply grateful people do not “enjoy and forget”, nor squander love, friendships, wealth or resources.  They appreciate and know they should use their gifts well ,and look for the best outcome possible.

Hence, other conditions equal, deep gratitude makes people more alert to real issues, more nurturing and active in solution than others .


Shoots Growing into Trees Through Nurture and Time

Use it or lose it.  On the point of working for improvements, the Grateful similarly do not squander ability and opportunity.  Gratitude for our abilities and opportunities spurs us to work towards our potential, and to give back to our loved ones and others while doing so.  Hence, a truly grateful person is more likely to work for reasonable improvements than a less attuned person.  Furthermore, the bonus joy of working on our purpose in view of our abilities and resources, is no less than that of working for any want.


We should strive to be deeply grateful.  Daily Gratitude, understanding, nurturing, protecting, improving.   To nurture our blessings, to improve and to work for the best outcome.  

In short, True Gratitude is a virtuous cycle of “Appreciation and Nurture, Nurture and Appreciation”!

Thank you for reading and/or sharing your views!

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Image Credits: Clayton Sieg, Stephen Wolfe, Magnus Franklin, Gastavo Devito

4 thoughts on “Appreciation and Nurture”

  1. Excellent post, Cicorm! I agree with you on all the points you’ve raised and on your conclusions. I especially liked the following statement:

    “Hence, other conditions equal, deep gratitude makes people more alert to real issues, more nurturing and active in solution than others .”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your thoughts, Rosaliene! Hopefully it does clarify some issues that people miss, and help them and their loved ones nurture the virtuous cycle, and reap the rewards of Gratitude. 🙂


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