The Versatile Blogger Award

Fellow blogger Natajas (the owner of a beautiful blog, Her Arrow Points North) nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award recently.  While Her Arrow Points North is a relative new fashion, outdoors and photography blog, it has already been nominated for two awards!  Adorned with the most beautiful pictures, Natajas is highly passionate about her writes, is accessible and her enthusiasm is inspiring.  Do check her blog out!


“The Versatile Blogger Award is an award to celebrate the bloggers who bring the most joy to your life! The fellow bloggers that I’ve nominated are the ones that I look forward to seeing their posts, I love reading because they either teach me something new or make me laugh, have amazing photos that I just love to look at, and cover a wide variety of subjects”

The rules: 

Thank the person that has nominated you
Include a link to their blog
Nominate at least 15 blogs of your choice
Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination
Share seven different facts about yourself

My Nominations for Versatile Bloggers are 

In alphabetical order,

Franz (Somewhere beyond the Blue)
Lorrie Bowden (Lorrie Bowden)
Mansi & Urvashi (Twin Quill)
Marlyn Esconde (Kintai)
Mary Muema (Things We Never Say)
Mileslogic (Get Motivated)
My Silly World (My Silly World)
Ngobesing Romanus (Success Inspirer)
Rosaliene Bacchus (Three Worlds One Vision)
ShaheenDarr (Writing plus all things related by Shaheen Darr)
Skydreamer/Tingting (Empower Love)
StephJ (ScaleSimple)
Tan Nguyen (JuliusTyson)
Vincent Wambua (Vincent Wambua)
Violet & Meg (Violet’s Veg*n E-Comics)

Taking this opportunity to share some interesting blogs I have read before!  Everyone nominated is a winner: the prize is in the publicity, and hopefully in feeling happy for the nomination!  I know you are all busy bloggers, so do put out your own nominations etc in your own time, and only if you want to…

For those who are missed here, I will be putting out more nominations for other awards the next few Saturdays, so do stay tuned!

About the Blogger (7 Facts)

Live in a modern cosmopolitan city founded on a diamond-shaped island.

Love the city’s gardenscape, cleanliness and order.  Crimes rates are very very low, and people of various races and religion live in harmony.

Have lived and worked overseas for a couple of years, as well as travelled for work and for leisure.

My opinion (of course open to new evidence) is both Love and Logos (Logic) are important keys to Life.

Through some simplification and focusing on the important, am freer to see the beauty of life, have more fun and to give back.

Am a moderate and realist. Believe there is good cause for reasonable optimism.

Love respectful and enlightening conversations, free from Ego.  To reap maximum learning and improvement.


About the Blog.  Olibtom is created for shared discussion of the mysteries of life, in particular, how to have a meaningful and happy life.  The sections of the blog include Quotes, Poems, Movies, Story, Music, Humour and whatever is useful in conveying ideas or starting a discussion.

Ideas are shared by blogger and readers alike on to how to achieve meaning and happiness, through comprehensively highlighting common aspects, experiences, the relevant and the irrelevant, common fallacies and truths, issues and solutions, with experiential and scientific studies, where possible.  Posit that nice images and interesting video clips probably helps a little too.



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