The Paradox of Choice

Is more choice necessarily better?  More freedom?  More diverse views?

When does choice become too much of clutter?  Even a danger to trip over?

How do you deal with the confusion of too much choices?

Dr Barry Shwartz, a Psychologist, Professor and Author, has this very interesting TED video titled “The Paradox of Choice”, which garnered 10 million views (on TED website and Youtube combined).


Thinking that the video will be intriguing preview for some of my upcoming posts on “Choice and Latitude”.  It is related to the coming Misconception 6 of “The How To’s of Daily Gratitude”, and other topics such as Empathy/Individuality, Depression and has even has ramifications on Love and Marriage (partly why people are not ready for marriage aka longer bucket lists due to more lifestyle choice).

Hope you find the video enjoyable!

Thank you for reading, watching and/or sharing.

Media Credits: Geralt, TED / Dr Barry Shwartz

10 thoughts on “The Paradox of Choice”

    1. Thank you for sharing, Rosaliene! Very true. Too many choices distract, take away energy and time. Too high expectations (deeply invested resources and feelings to the outcome) set us up for a fall.

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    1. Yes, reasonable choice and expectations is the best, happiness will be more likely found.

      Life will throw the occasional curve ball; with reasonably (but not too much) planned slack, no overly high expectations or over-commitment, we will be able to manage with minimal damage, and even succeed where for others it will be a major disaster.

      With happiness and confidence, things that consistently bat below average or vs cost should be unemotionally studied for improvement, mitigation or other action.

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      1. you talk like a lawyer …..thank you you’re right . I realize i’ve been very hard on myself where i should view life as it is.
        A guru said that everything that took place in our lives are perfect…there is no mistakes in our existence everything happens for a reason and we should take it lightly because at the end you’ll realize that ….it’s everything we need to grow and expand our horizons.


        1. Yes, sometimes I write a little more to try to avoid the chance of being misconstrued, as different readers come from backgrounds.

          At other times to clarify a few more scenarios, as one piece advice seldom work all the time. There is a need to see the continuum to appreciate the nuances.

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