UN: Zero Poverty Goal 2030!!!

The Time to Unite Is Now!

Let’s show the World that We Care!

Put aside Our Differences and Focus on the Goal!

Eliminate Global Poverty for the First Time in History!

Many cite their personal perspective of a dog eat dog world, and point to setbacks in Life and in the News as evidence to support such.  Very often we have also heard “we cannot do anything about it” as a reason to resign ourselves and deny aid to fellow human beings in desperate need.

When faced with difficulty, some become angry and nasty etc especially if they perceived that the world is unfair and selfish.  Moderate tried and tested solutions are abandoned without proper implementation, and some even become gun-toting lone wolves. Reasons are given to be extremists, hurting others, causing a vicious cycle and self fulfilling prophecy, disrupting precious progress.

Reasonable Positivity and the Big Picture

Thought that the United Nations Development Programme video citing progress and new Sustainable Development goals is useful to eradicate false perceptions, and to lend the big picture and true perspective.  Overall, great effort has been made to help the poor all over the world, and progress is at a rate never seen before in human history!


In summary, extreme poverty has been reduced by half (from 2 billion people) since 1990 (amongst other achievements) and the new target set Sep 2015 is to eliminate Global Poverty by 2030.  A First in the History of Man.

While there is no such thing as completely smooth ride, people need to be reasonably positive to contribute to solutions.  Unreasonable negativity mis-directs people, propagates a cycle of fear and misery, eats up precious resources and impedes good progress.

Never have we lived in an era with more opportunity to do such great things.


Let’s do our part to spread the Hope!
Fight Unreasonable Negativity!  

Do not be a fence sitter.
It makes a difference to know we all stand for Peace.

Be part of the historic quest to Zero Poverty,
Sustainable Development and Hope for Mankind!

Thank you for reading and/or sharing!

9 thoughts on “UN: Zero Poverty Goal 2030!!!”

    1. Thank you for the reblog, Lauren! Supporting the global goals tell the World that people care. Mass support can send an important positive message that people care: serious anti-social behaviour is not acceptable and unwarranted.


    1. Thank you for the lovely comment, iNSPiRED! True! The often quoted example is if we see a child drowning, we will not be afraid to damage our expensive clothes to save him. Does it not hold the same that we will do what we can to save a child even if the “drowning” is occurring elsewhere? Not to do so is to fall to the fallacy of distance.

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  1. I’d like to quote one of my favorite bands, “Die Ärzte”: “Es ist nicht deine Schuld, dass die Welt ist, wie sie ist; es wär’ nur deine Schuld, wenn sie so bleibt” (in English: It’s not your fault that the world is the way it is, but it would be your fault if it doesn’t change). If I need to explain this quote, then I’ve chosen the wrong one…

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    1. Thank you for the beautiful quote from Die Ärzte, Nicolite! The world is indeed improving for billions of the poorest, through great love and effort of others. We can be on the side of Love and reasonable positivity, not unreasonable negativity! Please share your thoughts often! 🙂


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