This blog is created as a shared quest for the answers to Life’s riddles.

A passage along which we all can make enquiries; submit views and supporting evidence for record, aggregating and discussion.  An endeavour for the quietest reflection to distill truths.

There has never been greater potential for collective happiness, than in our age of modern abundance.  Perhaps with Truth and Compassion as our travelling companions, we may together dispel the fogs of Greed and Fear, and arrive at the better World we seek.


How the Blog Works

Topics are Gratitude, Love and Friendships, Kindness and Giving, keeping things simple etc. Articles from various genres will be posted for reading and/or sharing and discussion.

Quotes – Why re-invent the wheel?
Each post has an assortment of gems in a variety of hues to start dialogue.  

Love  –  Gratitude  –  Positivity  –  Giving  –  Friendship   –  Wants   –   Others

Storytelling – Stories shared.  
Theatre, movies, books,real life stories etc that inspire us.


Movie: Into the Woods

Gravity_Poster - 1

Movie: Gravity, and others

Poems  – Beautiful and thoughtful pieces.


The Little Things

Piccadilly Circus


Think Pieces – Discovering the correct questions.
Basic research, review. For discussion, and improvement of the original ideas.

Truth and Happiness
Interdependence and Happiness
The How-To’s Of Daily Gratitude
Defining the Proverbial Cup: aka Half Full or Half Empty

Interesting Opinions – Interesting views of
other bloggers/our community! Reblogs, highlights.


What it means to be Human?  – From Big History Project
The Paradox of Choice – TED Video
The Fool’s Prayer (this Blog /Carol’s Blog)
100% Clean Power,Hawaii  – From Rosaliene’s Blog, Three Worlds One Vision

Music and Humour – Additional Happiness from some relaxation.
A sprinkle of happy Music, a dash of Humour and a pinch of Cool?

Turn My Ship Around - 1

Turn My Ship Around

This is a site to share your ideas, views and data to improve ourselves and our planet we share.  Please do enjoy the reading, and share your views on the “how to” at the relevant posts!

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  1. Thank you for your kind comments. A positive mindset is definitely helpful during our life’s journey. SImilarly, truth through critique and accompanied with rationality is not to be feared, as the Light shed helps us overcome hazards or mitigate their delays.


  2. Thank you so much for dropping by my page. You are so sweet. I can see that you’re reading my blog posts and actually taking the time to like them one by one. Thank you so much for your silent support. ❤ It means a lot. 🙂

    By the way, I really enjoy the quotes and your blog as well!

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    1. Thank you for your interesting and informative articles, from life and personal stories(values, greed, fear) to the little prince book review and investing. Must have read more than 10 articles, and enjoyed them very much. Still reading a few more today, and making some further comments!

      Thanks for dropping by as well, and checking out so many articles too! 🙂

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