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“Turn My Ship Around” (Circusman Alexis)

The Weekend is here!

What’s Life without some rest, a sprinkle of happy Music, a dash of Humour and a pinch of Cool?

Here’s something JoAnn found, and shared in her blog, àlaMuze (Thank you!). For those who are interested, her post has the story of how the meet-up between Jeremy Bucks the producer and Circusman Alexis occurred as well as the relevant (inclusive of support the artiste) links to Jeremy Bucks and Circusman Alexis. 

Love the music and flow, free-spirited whirling, not least the passerbys’ stares as the gentleman rolled past in his wheel. Sunglasses, full size beard, cyr wheel,  groove to music, and a cheeky grin to boot… How much cooler can it get? 🙂

Do enjoy! (Full screen is good)

Media Credits: Jeremy Bucks, Alexis