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Wonderful Wednesday

This is a homey, light-hearted piece from April’s blog “April’s Perspective” about being grateful for some of the little things we take for granted e.g. security, medical care, freedom of expression, privacy etc, versus those who are not so fortunate.

A grandmother and volunteer, her short anecdotes and re-collections/comparisons of her parents’ time sets down some notes of time, change, place. Particularly of interest, the spot on how frightening polio, measles, mumps, and rubella were not so long back, and the improvements to medicine since (modern medicine is still not perfect of course).  

A personal account! 🙂

Image Credit: Beau Considine, Autumn Temptations

April's Perspective

Its another Wonderful Wednesday and time to be grateful for how darned spoiled I am.

It is a beautiful summer day, and listening to NPR this morning, I heard stories of the struggles of Syrian refugees.  Here I am in the land of plenty, and taking full advantage.  I live in a home where I feel completely safe.  I feel no need to be armed.  I feel no fear to walk down the street, not even at night in most neighborhoods, in most anywhere in the country.   I can say whatever I want and express any opinion no matter how many others disagree with me, I don’t even have to be particularly nice about it.  Being nice helps if you want people to stay and listen, because where I live we can just walk away and stop listening.   These rights extend to social media, where I have blocked several…

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