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“What it Means to be Human”

How often do we ask ourselves what is the purpose of life?  The team at Big History Project asked, but in a slightly different way.

What does it mean to be human?

In June 2015, the team at Big History Project invited submissions for a video making competition.  The theme of the competition was “What does it mean to be human?”

The winning entry for the competition was submitted by Abby Lammers from St. Louis, Missouri.

“Unlike being bos taurus implies cowness, or being phoenicopterus roseus implies flamingoness, being a Homosapien doesn’t imply being Humanness.  Being Human is something more than that!”

Felt it was a thoughtful video on Mankind’s responsibility of love and stewardship for our Planet, and the presentation was simple and enjoyable to watch.

Hope you enjoy watching too!

Main article from: www.gatesnotes.com (“Watch the Winner of Our Video Contest”)

Image Credit: Besi